Comedian Jeff Foxworthy Pays it Forward: Cha-Ching for Mother-of-Three

Robin McFadden takes a selfie with comedian Jeff Foxworthy.
Robin McFadden takes a selfie with comedian Jeff Foxworthy.

*So nice to hear about folks giving to others, with no agenda. And even nicer when you least expect it. We’ve all been there at one time or another; when you come up a bit short at the cash register, hmm…? People standing behind you in line, tapping their feet, as you, red-faced, search frantically through your purse or pockets, praying some money just appears. And heaven forbid the cashier has to void out everything and then clear the counter before moving on to the person behind you. The one giving you the side-eye.

Unless that person happens to be beloved celebrity comedian Jeff Foxworthy.

Robin McFadden couldn’t share her good feelings fast enough after Foxworthy asked the cashier how much her order was and then took his credit card out to pay for it. McFadden had come up $25 short after utilizing all of her coupons before the embarrassing reveal.

She describes the ordeal to Fox News saying, ‘I was at the register and between me worrying about my items and the kids fussing, I didn’t even know that Jeff Foxworthy was standing behind me.’ 

She told him: ‘Oh no, no, you don’t have to pay’ but said ‘he laughed, walked around me, put his card in the machine and said “watch this.”

“I told him that he was going to make me cry, gave him a hug, thanked him and took the photo!’

McFadden shared the photo of herself with the comedian on Facebook writing, ‘The kids were restless and look who was behind me. He paid for my order when I wasn’t looking! I love Jeff Foxworthy!’

Now Foxworthy has also been known not to hold his tongue. Not so unusual for comics, after all, they see it as their job to make us laugh at the stuff that ain’t really funny.

Like political stuff.

Even more specific: Take someone badmouthing our president, Barack Obama. Now before you go looking like that, answer me this: who says you’re gonna love everything about a person who does something nice.

Obama supporters are definitely not going to like what Foxworthy, who resides in Atlanta, said in a Political Insider article that asked him to Describe President Obama. He didn’t go all racist or anything, but the undertones of his comments showed he is clearly not happy with the way our president ran the country.

As for McFadden, none of that appears to faze her. In fact, she feels the incident was fueled by good karma because of a kind gesture she had done the week before. She told NBC-11

‘I’m so happy this happened,’ , ‘because right now, my page is filled with so many positive comments. Lately Facebook has been filled with so many negative things, but not now. I love it!’


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