Yay! Woman Displays 10,000 Rainbow Lights To Annoy Homophobic Neighbor


*’Tis the season to be…waving your rainbow flag via 10,000 lights to annoy your homophobic neighbor.

Lexi Magnusson, 34 lives outside of Seattle, and told The Huffington Post that it all started when a new neighbor stopped by this holiday season.

“She’s Mormon and heard that we were, too,” Magnusson said.  “My guess is that she thought we were still believers, even though my husband told her we no longer attend.  I imagine she thought we still held the same belief about LGBTQ issues as the Church does.  We absolutely do not.  It’s why I left the Mormon church.”

You know what they say about making assumptions.  Ass.  You.  Me.

The neighbor told Magnusson that she had moved her family to Washington to “protect her children.”  The neighbor’s son had attended a school that allowed lesbians to attend the prom together and had school assemblies during which they taught transgender acceptance.

Poor thing.  He had to sit in an assembly — probably at a public school — and hear messages about tolerance and acceptance of other kids.  That’s not like it was back in the old days when you could bully kids and beat them up, and even leave them tied to a fence to die.  

The good ol’ days.  We really need to make America great again, don’t we? 

Magnusson told the neighbor that her kids were going to hear messages like that no matter where they went to school, and that kids today “…get it.  They know not to be horrible to other kids based on how they were born.”

Then after the most recent presidential “election,” Magnusson realized a lot of people shared her neighbor’s views…

…which is what led to the rainbow light show.

“I felt good the entire time I put them up,” Magnusson said.  “I sent a text to my cousin who loves Christmas lights like I do, and who is also gay.  His approval was everything.  I wanted the rainbow to stand out so there was no question as to what it is.”

Looking at the photo, I’d bet people in planes flying thousands of feet overhead probably have no question as to what it is!  Santa himself will have no problem finding THAT house, with Bette Midler CDs and feather boas in hand!

And to that I say:  more (electrical) power to her!


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