Wanna Just Walk Into A Store, Take What You Want and Leave…Introducing ‘Amazon Go’ (Watch)


*What if you could just walk into a grocery store, go to the aisle where the coffee is, grab a cannister and walk out. Or head to the chips aisle and repeat. Then leave with them all without dealing with a cashier. Not even a self-checkout. Just walk out the door.

And the best part is, when you look back no security is following you!

Thanks to online retail giant Amazon, this is no longer a hypothetical.

Introducing ‘Amazon Go’ a new way of shopping in a new kind of store. Based on app usage, you can just go into a store, scan your app and start shopping. You never have to stand in line to pay for your items because the moment you pick it up, its automatically added to your virtual cart. 

Change your mind about that box of cookies? No worries, just put it back and the charge goes away.

I’ve had dreams about this strategy.

Amazon explains how their “Just Walk Out” Technology works; by using “computer vision deep  learning algorithms” along with sensor fusion not unlike what is found in self-driving cars.

So now you can load up all that your arms can carry and, well…

Just walk out.

Of course they’ve collected your financial data and you’ll be charged immediately.

Now you didn’t think they’d forget about that, did you.

This new way of shopping is just around the corner. Amazon sets the release date sometime in early 2017 for its first store in Seattle, Washington.


As Bruno Mars would say, “Don’t believe me just watch!”

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