So Prop 64 Passed, Recreational Weed is Now Legal in California, But at What Cost?

Buds are removed from a container at the "Oregon's Finest" medical marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon April 8, 2014. Over 20 Oregon cities and counties are moving to temporarily ban medical marijuana dispensaries ahead of a May deadline, reflecting a divide between liberal Portland and more conservative rural areas wary about allowing medical weed. Portland, Oregon's largest city, already has a number of medical marijuana clinics and has not moved to ban them. Picture taken April 8, 2014. REUTERS/Steve Dipaola (UNITED STATES - Tags: DRUGS SOCIETY POLITICS HEALTH) - RTR3KMHE

*As you probably already know, on November 9, 2016 a law was passed in California that made marijuana use legal. That means all persons 21 years of age and up can smoke marijuana recreationally…they don’t need to spend $65 (or the $15 to renew) for a doctor to clear them for medicinal.

Oh I see that eyebrow raising, and you subconsciously wondering, “How does this writer know these details?

Suffice it to remember: I’m a journalist. I researched it. Keep reading!

But now, with such a law passing, many Californians are saying, It’s ON now! Let the good times roll.

…and others who don’t smoke (or do so responsibly) are thinking, “Uh-oh.”

Voters may have chosen the yes vote on prop 64 that makes the drug legal under state law; but make no mistake, both medicinal and other is still illegal under federal law.

Here’s what the passage of this law (Prop 64) really means.

Those of age can now possess and use marijuana recreationally. Now before you get to thinking this law was put out there just to make you happy, think again. Uncle Sam is going to make sure he gets his. And to ensure this, two new taxes have been put into motion. One will take aim at those growing weed (properly named ‘cultivation’); while the other will focus on retail sales.

Now do you think Uncle Same is going to tell you, “Hey, we’re going to use the revenue from these two taxes to raise our salaries?” Don’t be an idiot.

Pay attention.

Instead, the justification for these tax additions are that the monies will focus on research, treatment, enforcement, health and safety grants addressing marijuana, youth programs and the prevention of environmental damage that results from illegal marijuana production.

Yeah. That’s a mouthful.

But voters really wanted this. In fact, their Yes Vote raised $22.5M in contributions versus the No Vote which only raised $2.1M. Hell, even Sean Parker, the former president of Facebook contributed $8M to the power of YES!

But let’s get serious about what the passage of this law may really cost us.

Let’s start with age 21. Us baby-boomers have plenty of reasons to be skerr’d [sic] right about now.

I know I am.

Heck, when I was 21, I made it a point to do EVERYTHING I couldn’t do age 13 through 20. And I did it BIG. I am so happy (and surprised) my ass didn’t end up dead or at the very least, disabled.

But that’s a story for the memoir.

But these kids today are even bolder and crazier than I was. And much more careless. Have you found yourself at a red light. Looked over to either side of you, only to witness a huge puff of heavy white smoke coming your way? The fool next to you, the one in that car with all the dents in it (and oftentimes, dentless and new) is vaping weed.


I don’t care how much “safer” some say it is compared to a joint, spliff, bong or whatever you call it. The point is, it still gets you high.

Just like the fool that decided to back up off of the freeway ramp was, when he ran into me!

So now, even if the rest of us choose to do the ‘sensible thing’ and take an Uber or other rideshare when we know we are going out to party, some careless fool has decided not to. And that choice now puts ALL OF OUR LIVES in even greater danger. It’s kind of like the rule that says pedestrians have the right of way.

So you’re driving. Your car is pretty much ALL OF THE WAY into the cross walk, and a pedestrian STILL decides to jump in front and walk across.

SMDH. Why would you place yourself in that kind of danger just because the rule says you can?

Thank you very friggin’ much, Prop 64.

But the law got something for your butt if you think you can still get high and stroll on into work. Ha! Think again. You ain’t off the hook there. 

Read: Drug test don’t lie!

So before you go outside with that joint hanging from your lips, you might want to look at the video below and get the facts.




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