New Breathometer Device Helps Users Check Oral Hygiene

There are thousands of species of bacteria that live inside the human mouth and roughly 47.2% of adults over 30 have some form of periodontal disease. An easy way for people to determine if there are any existing dental issues is to check their own breath. If a foul smell is coming from a person’s breath, it means that a dentist should be consulted because something is wrong.

According to the Verge, Breathometer, a Silicon Valley startup, has designed a device to provide someone the ability to smell their own breath, which is otherwise nearly impossible. The FDA-approved Mint has a removable mouthpiece that syncs with an application via Bluetooth.

“There are a lot of molecules in your breath and there are a lot of sulfur compounds in your breath,” said Terence Risby, the chair of the International Association of Breath Research. “And clearly, if you have periodontal disease you will have sulfur compounds in your breath.”

The Mint is easy to use. A user just puts it in their mouth, keeping it shut for 30 to 40 seconds to allow the gasses a chance to roam around inside. Then, the user bites down on the mouthpiece. Rather than blowing into it, the device can remove a sample of air released from the mouth and run it through electrochemical sensors that can identify various types of sulfurs. After the testing period is over, the measurements are then converted into an oral health grade. A grade of ‘A’ means that a person’s organ hygiene is healthy and an ‘F’ rating means they have serious dental issues and should seek professional help.

Charles Michael Yim, CEO and founder of Breathometer, stated that breath analysis has been a relatively untapped market despite the science backing it.

“It’s never been properly brought to a consumer market in a user-friendly form factor, connected device experience and so that’s really the opportunity that Breathometer offers,” said Yim.

Tech Crunch reports that Breathometer began selling the device at the end of the summer for $100.

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