Students Want OSU Administrator Who Seeks ‘Compassion’ for Attacker Fired

Stephanie Clemons Thompson
Stephanie Clemons Thompson

*Folks ain’t feelin’ an administrator at Ohio State University after she posted a plea on Facebook asking for people to show compassion for the man who drove through a crowd of students on Monday and started slashing them with a butcher knife.

They believe she is showing more concern for the attacker than she is for those he attacked.

Identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, eleven people were hospitalized, students fled for their lives — barricading themselves in classrooms — and the man was killed within a minute by a campus police officer.

Stephanie Clemons Thompson, an assistant director of residence life at Ohio State, made two requests on her Facebook post. One, that the post not be shared and another asking folks to show compassion. Scroll down to see the post.

How Thompson thought a plea such as hers would go over well is beyond me. Especially since some students not only shared photos of Artan’s dead body on social media, but they also commended the police officer that killed him.

Artan is said to have been born in Somalia. He was a junior at OSU.

The Washington Post reports some people found the photos to be gruesome and counter to unity and healing efforts on campus.

The reports says a petition calling for Thompson’s termination at Ohio State had gathered more than 900 signatures by Thursday afternoon.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan

It read, in part, “Stephanie Clemons Thompson used Facebook as a public platform to shame those who were grateful and relieved the terrorist was taken out so quickly, preventing even more unthinkable terror and destruction in his wake.

Because this man was taken out so quickly his goal of murder was foiled and his victims will live on. Stephanie Clemons Thompson, however, condemns this sentiment of relief by prioritizing the feelings of the terrorist over his innocent victims, their families, and the Buckeye community as a whole.”

Students also did not like that Thompson used the Black Lives Matter hashtag in her post.


A rather strange footnote mentioned by The Washington Times. According to a screenshot of an assignment tweeted by one of Artan’s classmates, he had a “Microaggression Group Project” due this Friday.

The class is “carefully structured to explore social group identity, conflict, community, and social justice,” according to Ohio State’s Multicultural Center website.

“How have you come to learn about race/gender/sexuality/religion?” the course implores students to ask. “How has this shaped your worldview?”

Thompson has not answered any requests for interviews. And it’s important to also note that not everyone is against Thompson’s compassion plea. Some folks are actually trying to support her.

A post by a person identified as Professor Stewart @DrDLStewart writes, “This Buckeye supports hashtag Stephanie Clemons Thompson and her call for compassion and MH awareness in the aftermath of Artan’s attack and death.”

Another person writes, “How is it wrong to ask for compassion.”

And WOMEN’S CENTER!!!!!! @Capittalism writes, Last time I checked, asking people to refrain from celebrating a death wasn’t something you could be fired for

According to law enforcement officials, Artan is believed to have posted on Facebook shortly before the attack Monday morning calling Awlaki, the radical cleric, “our hero,” and expressing anger about the treatment of Muslims. 

Below is a Facebook treatise that is believed to have been written by Artan.

“My brothers and sisters, I am sick and tired of seeing my fellow Muslim Brothers and Sisters being killed and tortured EVERYWHERE,” the post reads. “Seeing my fellow Muslims being tortured, raped and killed in Burma led to a boiling point. I can’t take it anymore.”

“America stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim Ummah,” it continues. “We are not weak. We are weak, remember that.”

“By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims. You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday.”

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