Ugh! Crazed Woman, Pissed at Cops, Pisses and Poops in Patrol Car


*A woman who was chased, caught and arrested after store employees called the cops claiming she stole three beers, was so mad she decided to lose her nature while in the back of a patrol car.

Ugh. Say it with me, UGH!!!  

This time I am standing with the cops! A 7-Eleven employee in Hollywood, Florida made the call because Arlene Mena  had stolen three Yuengling beers, according to police. But when Mena saw the officer coming, she ran. The cop did notice she had a small dog in her arms. But then she fell and upon getting up, through the poor animal into oncoming traffic.

Fortunately for the dog, an officer dodged cars and was nearly hit several times, before catching the animal, unharmed.

The irate woman was placed in the patrol car where she allegedly kicked the back seat window and banged on the vehicle’s plexiglass partition. She was told that if she didn’t calm down, she would be pepper sprayed.

She didn’t calm down.

The officer rolled down the rear window and pepper sprayed her. That’s when she went bat-crazy and pissed and pooped in the car.

Imagine getting so mad. And you’re handcuffed. And you’re so frustrated that all you can think to do is piss and poop in the cop’s car.

That’ll get ’em.

Yeah. Good luck with that!

They took her ass straight to the Broward County Jail, where she is being held on charges of animal cruelty, petty theft, causing damage to property and resisting an officer without violence.

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