British Brand Missguided Invades With Millennial Customers in Mind

While fast fashion has gotten a bit of a bad rap, Missguided doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

In fact, the retailer’s signature pink girly ads seem to be popping up everywhere. The British brand has been around since 2009, but it’s almost as if they managed to infiltrate millennial closets worldwide practically overnight.

Sexy, millennial femininity is the name of the game. Curves and contours are celebrated. And while this brand was created by a man, their ethos is all about self-empowerment through the beauty of the female form.

Celebrities like Amber Rose have increased the brand’s awareness, though it looks like they don’t need it. Missguided has four million customers, half of whom browse the site more than five times a week. The site receives 20 million visitors every month. In fact, access to the website is restricted via queue during times of peak traffic. That might be because the site’s 50% off sale last March caused a complete outage.

The brand has managed to capture lightning in a bottle. During the 2008 recession, brand founder Nitin Passi noticed that the only growing market was in online retail. What started as a one-man operation eventually evolved into a pink powerhouse. Missguided earned £120 million in revenue in 2015 and its products — 600 new ones every week — are now sold in 150 countries.

Missguided started offering its wares to U.S. customers back in 2013. They offer $5 standard shipping on orders over $50, and they usually arrive within five business days. That’s a pretty good deal in comparison to some of their competitors’ policies. But impatient American customers need to plan ahead. Although overnight or two-day delivery may be offered by other sites, sometimes at 50% or more than the usual delivery fee, Missguided doesn’t currently offer express shipping to the United States.

Still, that doesn’t seem to be a deterrent for American 20-somethings. The retailer’s app, launched in August, has been downloaded half a million times. Their products often sell out within 10 days, but are often restocked even more quickly. The company is on track to make $50 million in wholesale revenue alone this year and the company is likely to grow by 70%, according to Passi.

What’s more, 80% of Passi’s staff at Missguided is female, with an average age of 27. It’s clear why the company is able to target its girly, millennial audience so successfully: they are their own customers.

And while its name is much better known in its home country, its presence in the U.S. is rapidly growing, especially in fashion hubs like New York and LA. Currently, American sales make up only 10% of the site’s overall revenue, but the U.S. still represents its second-biggest and fastest-growing market. The company is aiming to open a brick-and-mortar location on the East Coast and wants to expand American production.

Despite the fact that shipping complaints seem to be plentiful on social media, it doesn’t stop the fashionistas from buying. Missguided has been able to keep customers, even unsatisfied ones, coming back. Now we’ll have to see if the brand can continue to keep up its own pace.

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