Caption This Photo A ‘Clinched Teeth’ Presidential Meeting


*Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. But I applaud you, Barack Obama. You always show such grace and style; even when things don’t go your way. But even you have got to admit this picture speaks volumes, sir. Both of you sitting there, trying your darndest to get through the moment as the media records your every grimace; both of you gritting those teeth as you practically cut each other’s blood circulation off with that handshake.

I’ll say it again. Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.

Donald can’t even look at you he’s in such pain. In fact, he looks like he might spontaneously combust at any moment.

Question. Was this photo op before or after you ran down the presidential job description to him — the one we hear scared Donald so badly you took pity on him and have now offered to hang around a bit longer to “guide him” through?

That’s how much you care.

And what’s Melania going to be doing while he’s playing catch-up?


Will she be shadowing Mrs. Obama? After all, she’s already familiarized herself with how she thinks…what with the whole plagiarized speech and all.

But you’ve got to admit, in this picture the ladies seem to be having more fun than their male counterparts. They’re talking, sipping tea. Well wait, Mrs. Obama is talking and looks as comfortable and gracious as always. Mrs. Trump appears a bit rigid. Fingers interlocked and propped on her lap like a schoolgirl.

And don’t you think for one moment that the “sleeveless look” our outgoing First Lady had the courage to embrace amidst a LOT of criticism…yet is now being worn by you has escaped us.

It hasn’t.

But you’ve got to give it to Melania, at least she’s able to look the First Lady directly in the face; which is more than we can say about her husband.

I hear the ladies “connected” on the topic of raising children in the White House. Mrs. Trump has a 10-year-old son named Barron and of course the Obamas have two young ladies, 18-year-old Malia and 15-year-old Sasha.

But once that convo ended…what ?

Did Mrs. Obama pour more tea and ask Mrs. Trump, “So Melania, I know you must have some questions?”

And did Melania say, “Yes. What does a First Lady do?”

And did Michelle sigh.

Man. This is going to be tougher than either of you thought, yes? But it looked so easy from a distance.

Naw. They just made it look that way. Now that you see it up close and personal, you guys probably tip your hat to the Obamas.

But hey, Oprah told us to “have an open mind,” and Hillary Clinton says we owe it to you to “give Trump a chance to lead.” President Obama encourages our country to “unite” and Michelle, well, she has stayed mute on the subject so far.

Smart move, Mrs. Obama!

Anyhoo, we will certainly take all of this into account as you fumble your way through.

Can you, dear readers, caption the photos?

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