WTF??? Memphis Man ‘Finds’ 2-Year-Old Wandering Streets at 3 AM…Alone (Watch)


*Dang. We pretty much know the makeup of population on the streets at 3 o’clock in the morning, right? Nobody I’d want my child to be hanging with. So imagine you see a little girl of about 2-years-old out there. Walking the streets.


Solomon Jones says that’s exactly what he saw as he and his homeboy sat outside at the wee morning hour. Though the quality of the video he took and posted leaves a lot to be desired, you can see Jones is holding a very scared little girl who seems to be clinging to him for dear life, after he says he found her roaming the streets at 3am, as he and his friend sat outside on the porch.

In the video, which was probably recorded by his homie and posted on YouTube by Jones himself, Jones says, “This is a message for all of you (inaudible). Me and my homeboy outside [sic]. It’s 3 O’clock in the morning and this what we see outside [sic].”

He’s talking about the little girl in his arms, burying her face in his neck as if she has known him forever; as opposed to him just seeing her for the first time.

Such is the trusting nature of children.

Jones, who I am so grateful was there to find her before something horrible happened, asks her a question that is inaudible, and she shakes her head ‘yes’ before laying her head down on his shoulder.

Jones said that the child was walking up the street crying.

“I’m a father myself,” Jones says to the camera. “I ain’t no snitch, but yeah I called the police,” he continues.

Jones told Inside Edition the child said, “I’m looking for my momma.” He said the little girl had no coat on in the chilly weather.

Though he tried to get her to point out her house, it’s no surprise she couldn’t. Police did arrive on the scene, as you can see in the video, and they did locate the girl’s family — who didn’t even know she was out of the house.


In the video, Jones admits he was very emotional and didn’t mean to call out the parents who, after seeing them, he realized he had seen them before.

“I see them [her parents] sometimes. They are pretty good people. Everybody makes mistakes. They aren’t neglectful. You don’t have to be a bad person to let your kids get out,” Jones said. “I just want folks to make sure they keep their doors tight. Anything could have happened if the wrong people would have found her.”

I hear you, brother. We can’t judge. It’s not out of the question that a curious little girl got up in the middle of the night and opened the door. But that aside, this incident will hopefully let them know to get a better lock.

Watch the video below.

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