A Trump Presidency: Van Jones Hit the Nail on the Head, ‘What Do We Tell the Children?’


*There was a post going around on social media that said, “I’m embarrassed to live in a country where Donald Trump can run for President.” Well, to this we can ask, how do you feel about living in a country where he becomes President-elect? As of this writing, no winner has yet to be chosen, but Donald Trump holds 247 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the position of POTUS, to Hillary Clinton’s steadfast 215.

Miracles notwithstanding, the writing is on the proverbial wall.

Political commentator Van Jones is a gracious man. The single African American on the panel of eight pundits, he offered congratulations to the Republicans in the room who abruptly interrupted and told him, “You’re early, we haven’t won yet!” But Jones, not unlike many of us, had already conceded. “Yes, I know. But I was raised well,” he responded, adding something to the effect that he can say ‘good job’ when he sees the writing on the wall.

Mother comforting daughter (8-10) outdoors

But then he hit them with a big bang of a question. He painted the scenario of a sleepless night following a Donald Trump win. And the children waking up the next morning to learn that the man that made mommy and daddy so mad; the one many of them saw on TV being a bully; the one that made fun of disabled people, called veterans suffering from PTSD weak; insulted their Muslim friends, and referred to African American people as “The Blacks,” and said nasty things about women, had actually been elected President of the United States.


It’s hard not to picture the confusion on their faces. It’ll be hard to contain our emotions; and even harder to find the words to explain how something like this could happen.

I don’t have any answers. Do you?

By the time I finished this article, Secretary Clinton had called Donald Trump to concede the race. Donald Trump had become the 45th President of the United States.

4 thoughts on “A Trump Presidency: Van Jones Hit the Nail on the Head, ‘What Do We Tell the Children?’”

  1. Just tell that everything will be alright …it will, you will see. I think you , without realizing it, scared the crap out of them. TRUMP blurts out whatever he is thinking at the time . He actually is a very nice man. He tells people the truth , like it or not and it can piss people off by the way he says it. Give him a chance, he is not setting out to hurt your kids or anyone’s kid.

  2. I have never been so angry and shocked with these idiots who voted for Trump!! Don’t they know he’s going to double cross them?? Trump is mentally ill and evil!!! What a combination!! The whole world is laughing at America!! What are we doing with a 1st lady who is a hoe, a mail order bride, and can barely speak English!! What kind of administration has a Rudy Giuliani in it?? America has sunk to an all time low by voting in an ignorant, racist, treasonous President!!! Trump should be put in front of a firing squad, and all his children should be jailed!! His wife should be deported!! I am SO sick at heart. I believe there will be another American revolution with more casualties than the Civil War!!! What a pity….. ( shedding tears)….

  3. @Maryann Z.

    “I think you , without realizing it, scared the crap out of them.”
    Please DEFINE ‘You’ here. And while you’re at it, please explain how a “nice man” performs the way Donald Trump did throughout his campaign. “Nice” doesn’t just pop up when you prepare to be. It’s evident throughout. “Nice” people can get their TRUTH out and point across without name-calling, bullying, finger-pointing and the hundreds of other atrocities Trump pulled out of his bag. If that’s coming from a NICE man, I have to question YOUR aptitude on behavior.

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