Man Changes Name To iPhone 7 to Win New Device


*A man has legally changed his name to iPhone 7 in order to win a new iPhone.

The former Olexander Turin, 20, of Ukraine met a challenge extended by an electronics store: the first five people to change their names to “iPhone 7” would receive a free device.  The former Mr. Turin was first to do so.  His new name is iPhone Sim.  (“Sim” means “seven” in Ukrainian.)

Meet iPhone 7

It was certainly a financial coup for the Sim:  a brand new iPhone 7 starts at the equivalent of $850 US in Ukraine, while the name change set him back the equivalent of just $2!

Sim says he may change his name back to his birth name when he has children.

I don’t know why he’d do that.  He should just name his kids after smaller versions of the popular device.  In fact, the whole family could follow suit!

“Meet my wife, iPhone 6.  She used to be iPhone 6 Plus, but she’s been on Weight Watchers.”


“And this is our newborn, iPhone SE.”


Will Sim give his new phone back if he changes his name back?  Will he repay the $850 to the electronics company?  The mind wanders…

Sim’s friends and family were understandably shocked when they heard of his name change, but eventually, they got on board.

“It was difficult to accept that and hard to believe it’s true,” Sim’s sister, Tetyana Panina, said.  “Each person in this world is looking for a way, to express himself. Why not to do that in this way?”

WHY to do that in this way” is the better Ukrainian question.  WTF???

But maybe sis is right:  it’s Mr. iPhone Sim’s right to do whatever he wants with his name and be called whatever he wants to be called.  And Mellody Hobson herself would support the financial strategy behind doing so.

I’m reaching out to my local electronics store today with a proposal.  If I’m successful, my next article’s byline will read “by MacBook Pro With Touch Bar” soon!


Freelancer Michael P Coleman loves his P too much to ever change his name.  Connect with him at his website or on Twitter.



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