How Much Halloween Candy Can You Eat Before You OD?


*If you’re like me, you’re in the middle of a serious Halloween candy detox.  As I got ready to head to the gym today to TRY to undo some of the damage done to my cardiovascular system, I wondered (as I deftly opened yet ANOTHER Milky Way Dark) just how many of those “Fun Size” puppies would I have to eat before I wound up in that great candy shop in the sky.

The American Chemical Society has come through with the digits.

Based on what’s called the “LD50” for sucrose, or the amount that when consumed would kill at least half of a sample of test animals, the data show that the average 180 pound human would have to gorge on over 5.4 pounds of sugar to have a 50/50 chance of croaking.

That’s the equivalent of 262 “Fun Size” candy bars, or 1,627 individual pieces of candy corn.  

And remember, those numbers are for adults of 180 pounds.  Children would need to consumer far less.  But wait a minute!  That means my 223 pound ass could handle a little bit more!

Luckily, those are the quantities that would have to be eaten in one sitting.  I bet I ate that volume between last Friday when I bought my Halloween candy for the pending rush of Trick or Treaters, and Monday morning when I had to rush back to Target to replenish my stash in time for last night.

Maybe I should head back to Target today!  I’m sure their surplus Fun Size treats are marked down!  Then again, since I’m planning to be here for Thanksgiving, maybe not.  The gym it is!


Freelancer Michael P Coleman doesn’t look like he weighs 223 pounds, does he?  DOES HE???  Follow him to the gym, or on his website or Twitter.  



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