Bake Sale Prices Based on Race and Gender at UT-Austin Causes Student Uproar


*They call themselves the Young Conservatives of Texas club and they are in the news because earlier this week they headed over to the West Mall area of the University of Texas-Austin — where free speech is encouraged — and held what they called an “Affirmative Action Bake Sale.” That all sounds well and good, until you see the Black kid standing next to the white kid is paying a different price. And the Asian girl standing behind the Hispanic dude is too.

Say what, you ask?

According to the Dallas Morning News, cookie prices ranged from “free for American Indians of both genders, 50 cents for African Americans, $1 for white males, and $1.50 for Asian males.”

The UT-Austin students say they were protesting “institutionalized racism” of university level affirmative action.

Now, I’m going to quote a line from a Rihanna song here: “Don’t get it twisted.”

I mean, what with the whole “affirmative action” tag you might actually be thinking this group of “conservative” students are probably showing support for students of color; those who affirmative action was actually designed for.

To this notion I say…


It’s highly doubtful that Black or Brown students were anywhere near their brain cells. You might need a chaser for this straight shot I’m about to give ya — but plainly put, UT-Austin ain’t bowing down low enough to white privilege, and this is pissing these young conservatives off!

UT-Austin remains in the forefront of affirmative action and eyes have been focused on them ever since they were sued by a Caucasian female student who was denied admission.

Abigail Fisher’s years long legal battle with the school was initiated by claims that she wasn’t accepted to UT-Austin due to the school’s “holistic” admissions criteria, which includes looking at students’ characteristics including race.


Her lawsuit reached the U.S. Supreme Court, but to no avail. The justices sided in favor of UT-Austin’s admissions policy.

No doubt THIS was more along the lines of inspiration for this bake sale/protest.

Oh yeah, about that. Students not in the UT-Austin club were not amused or impressed. They came (by the hundreds). They saw.  They left… chanting “check your privilege!”

Vidal Castañeda, the club chairman, told the Dallas Morning News, “Our protest was designed to highlight the insanity of assigning our lives value based on our race and ethnicity, rather than our talents, work ethic and intelligence,” “It is insane that institutional racism, such as affirmative action, continues to allow for universities to judge me by the color of my skin rather than my actions.”

Gregory J. Vincent, UT-Austin’s vice president for diversity and community engagement, called the bake sale “deplorable” and added “inflammatory and demeaning.” 

He adds that “…focusing our attention on the provocative nature of the YCT’s actions ignores a much more important issue: They create an environment of exclusion and disrespect among our students, faculty and staff.” 

Vincent didn’t take issue with the students protesting, it’s how they went about it that bothered him. He questioned their intent.

“In seeking an audience for their ideas, the YCT resorted to exercising one of the university’s core values to the detriment of others, he said. “Such actions are counterproductive to true dialogue on our campus, and it is unrepresentative of the ideals toward which our community strives.”

A petition opposing the bake sale/protest against affirmative action was drawn up by UT-Austin students and has gained upwards of 800 signatures, according to  The Daily Texan.

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