#ClownLivesMatter? Mississippi County Bans Them Until After Halloween


*I’m one of a seemingly diminishing minority who loves clowns.   I grew up watching Oopsy The Clown in Detroit


…before moving on to Bozo


…and who could forget my boy Ronald, who’s probably responsible for my membership in the seemingly increasing majority of obese, hypertensive people.


ANYWAY, because of my lifetime affinity for clowns, I don’t get the creepy clown craze.  I laugh when I see their demonic depictions among Halloween decorations.

But then, I’ve never read Stephen King’s It, either.


(Scare ya, yet?)

ANYWAY, a Mississippi county of about 10,000 has said enough is enough with the creepy clowns, having just enacted a ban that prevents people from dressing as clowns at least until after Halloween.  

According to the Kemper County Messenger, anyone caught in public wearing a clown costume, mask or makeup could face a $150 fine.

150 bucks.  That’s a lot of Chicken McNuggets.

Kemper County Supervisors’ president Johnny Whitsett insists that public safety is the issue.  People, he posits, could react badly if they get scared by a clown.

I can see the signs in protest of the ban now:  



This blog was lovingly written by freelancer Michael P Coleman, and it’s dedicated to his husband who’s terrified of clowns.  Follow Coleman on Twitter.  


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