Message to Those Voting ‘Third Party’ — Put Your Big Boy/Girl Pants On! (Video)

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*So you think you’re doing something special? Out of the box rebellious? Or even cute as you head to the polls and vote third party; for someone you know won’t win?

Word to the bad. You’re not!

Drop the mic.

I have heard there are those who, because they are not crazy about either presidential candidate, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, or Republican nominee Donald Trump, say they will vote Third Party in this election.

Why would you use your voting power to vote for someone that you KNOW won’t win? 


I think of those who are voting for the first time, high school seniors, immigrants who have become citizens; who were unable to vote in their former countries and I think, “They must be so appreciative of this right?”

Surely they recognize this is an opportunity to contribute, on a personal level, to making a better America and maybe even a greater world. Right?

This is the one and only opportunity that we have to make change on a level greater than ourselves. Not only voting people into office, but not walking away from them once they are there. Holding them accountable every step of the way. And never, no matter how hard things get, giving up on this because defeat only happens to those who stop trying.

Some rhetoric is actually true.


So hear me now: just because you don’t care for Hillary, or just because you loathe Donald, is no excuse to throw your vote away; and believe me, voting for a Third Party candidate would only make YOU feel better for voting period; but in essence, it means you didn’t vote at all. And the guilt of realizing this will continue to eat at you.

Even if you tell no one what you did.

For the youth who are exercising this right for the first time: Don’t use it foolishly. This is your first BIG STEP to exercise being a grown up. You will need to look beyond the easy. (You old fools we can’t do anything about. You’re on your own); and beyond the need to appear rebellious. Being courageous is a big part of growing up. And in instances like voting, sometimes we’ve got to choose the lesser of what might be two evils for the greater good.

This is wisdom. Not emotion. Not rebellion.

The future belongs to you, and what you do now will make its mark on the direction of that future.

Life and its vicissitudes will continue to throw many  situations our way. And many times, we won’t see them coming. But it is up to us as grownups to call on our good sense. Trust our gut instincts when all else fails, and most of all, get good at cutting through the bullshit; the diversions, and make the best decision we can for the greater good.

This is an important time for our country. This election is one of the most important we have ever had to face. Its certainly our most emotional. Especially because it unfortunately will be the result of residual hate. And whenever hate is involved, emotion not wisdom rules. Now is not the time to show how rebellious you can be. It’s been done and many of us have the bruises — not to mention the T-shirt — to prove it.

There will probably never be a greater example of this than the rebellious 1960s.

Parents of teens voting for the first time: No, we cannot tell our new voters who to vote for, but we can make sure to let them know the importance of them not wasting a vote by using it on a candidate who has no chance of winning. This is not the time to test the miracles theory.

Think bigger than yourself. Vote beyond your emotion or desire to show rebellion. Consider your future.

While many of us love Bernie Sanders, no matter what, he is not going to win this one. So it would be silly to vote for him.

There will only be ONE president: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Period.

Don’t waste your vote by going third party because, truly, it will be like you didn’t vote at all. And that would be nothing less than a damn shame.

I am DeBorah B. Pryor, and I approve this message.


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