Sucka for a Great Dog Rescue Story, This One about ‘Boo’ is Just for You (Video)


*It baffles the mind as to how anybody could abandon their own pet. I mean, one grows so attached to an animal you chose to be a part of your family. They are nothing but loyal; and even when they are mischievous, we get mad but can’t stay mad. So after seeing a photo of a dog named “Boo” who was allegedly left behind by his owners, but continued to sleep outside on a mattress — seemingly waiting for them to return for him, all I could do was weep.

With two adorable, full-grown pitbulls already in my household, I knew taking in one more was not an option. And further, because of the erroneously bad reputation of these dogs, I didn’t think Boo’s chances for being rescued were that great.

So I was ecstatic to learn that someone who also saw the picture of Boo, and heard his story, took heart and came along and got him.

Now Boo, who was so grateful when the rescuers showed up, he offered no resistance and thanked them with sloppy wet kisses, has been given a forever home!

This time…for keeps!

Mike Diesel, who saw a photo of the dog posted on Facebook, is obviously a man with a big heart. Not only did he found the Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue; but he actually went to visit the dog and took the time (and used apparent wisdom) to sit for hours with the pooch — just talking to him — before he felt Boo was comfortable enough to go home with him.

Never underestimate animal intelligence. 

I recall rescuing a beautiful former show dog whose owner had become ill and had to be hospitalized. The dog had been alone for days with no food or water, because no one knew her owner had been taken away by ambulance until days later. The dog’s once beautiful fur smelled awful; and it didn’t help at all that I, not familiar with how to take care for her coat, bathed her, and made her fur mat like dreadlocks.

And even worse, the sweet little girl doggie was so, so depressed.

After learning of her circumstances, I (who at the time resided in a place where I wasn’t supposed to have dogs) snuck her into my home and after feeding her, sat with her for quite some time, talking to her and letting her know that I wanted her there. 

I knew she understood and appreciated these words because her turnaround was immediate and awesome.

Below, the photo on the left shows where Boo slept for days waiting for the family to return for him. The photo on the right shows Boo today, with his new family, Mike Diesel.


Watch the Inside Edition video below.

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