Church Apologizes For Banning Fat People


*My late father never cared much for people’s feelings when it came to speaking his truth.

He once told me that, in his opinion, “church folk” only knew how to do two things: eat fried chicken and wait for Jesus to come back.


Dad would have had a field day with this story!

A non-denominational Christian church in suburban Portland, Oregon is apologizing for banning overweight and obese people from its worship team.

“Weight is something that many people have to deal with,” the guidelines read.  “Make sure that you are taking care of your temple, exercising and eating properly.”


The church later apologized, writing on its website “Forgive us if we offended anyone. That certainly was not our intention.  These guidelines have never been used to discriminate against anyone and have never been enforced.”

Why have guidelines if they’re not enforced?  Questions that make you go “hmmmmm.”

And there’s no such thing as a fat man or woman of the cloth, right?




New Creation Church pastor Rebecca Sundholm said she was “dumbfounded” by the controversy.

“If anybody looked at our worship team,” she said, “they would see that they aren’t all skinny.”

My dad said it.  Church folk know how to put it DOWN.

It’s not just fat folks who were targeted in the church’s guidelines, and they are bizarrely inconsistent.

For example, chewing gum was forbidden, while members of the worship team were encouraged to use breath mints.  Worship leaders were encouraged to use “effective deodorant” but not “excessive colognes or perfumes.” Visible tattoos, excessive piercings, tight shirts, sneakers, and shoes with white soles were also banned.

The “visible” part of the “visible tattoo” ban always gets me.  So I can serve God and get into heaven with a tramp stamp, ’cause it’s not visible if I’m dressed, but if I have a tattoo on my forearm I’m hell bound?   I don’t know that it works that way.  In fact, I recall a KJV scripture that goes something like “whatsoever is done in the dark will come to the light.”  

But I’m not the pastor of this church, she clearly disagrees with me — and there is NO room for an alternate view with THIS pastor!

“You must be in 100% agreement for you to flow with our team and in order for the anointing to flow through you,” the guidelines stated.

It also always gets me when man wants to dictate terms for God allowing HIS anointing to flow!

“We have standards just like anybody would have standards in a business,” Pastor Sundholm said.

So let the church say “amen”…but please don’t say “I’ll have some fries with that.”  



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