Memorial Marker of Emmett Till Constantly Vandalized, While that of His Murderer Remains Pristine

*It’s been 61 years since Emmett Till was brutally murdered (Aug. 28, 1955) for allegedly whistling at a white girl. But the white trash that celebrates his murder refuses to let him rest in peace…even today.

Memorial markers of where the teen’s body was found floating along Mississippi’s Tallahatchie River continues to be vandalized by haters; while the marker standing at the former home of his murderer is continually maintained and adorned with flowers.

The 14-year-old, whose murder prompted the civil rights movement, was beaten beyond recognition, and then shot execution style before being thrown into the river.

A grainy photo of a bloated Emmett Till remains in the psyche of every African American old enough to remember.

But as President Barack Obama has said again and again, “When they go low, we go high,” and according to what Board of Supervisors President Jerome G. Little reiterated to Slate magazine, high in this instance, looks like this:

“We’re not going to tolerate them tearing down anything that’s marking Emmett Till’s murder. I want to send a message: Every time they take it down, we’re going to put it back up.” 

According to Slate, the Emmett Till Memorial Commission has placed eight signs to commemorate the teen’s death as a means to boost tourism and raise funds for a museum dedicated to Till’s memory in 2007.

Kevin Wilson, Jr., a tourist who recently visited the memorial posted the photos we see of the plaques to his Facebook page.

The two men accused of the murder,  J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant (husband of the woman Till supposedly whistled at) were acquitted of the murder and never showed any remorse.

Two years after the crime was committed, Milam admitted to murdering the teen, and became an outcast in his community.

His confession — as told to Look Magazine in 1957 — went something like this:

“I didn’t intend to kill the nigger when we went and got him – just whip him and chase him back up yonder. But what the hell! He showed me the white gal’s picture! Bragged o’ what he’d done to her! I counted pictures o’ three white gals in his pocketbook before I burned it. What else could I do? No use lettin’ him get no bigger!”

Call it karmic retribution, the murderous author of THAT comment died of spine cancer in 1980.

The best we can hope is that he suffered…greatly.

In the meantime, Milam’s memorial looks like this.

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