Watch! Man Mistakenly Interrupts Bears Mating, Pays the Price (But He’s OK)


*DaYUM! I accidentally walked in one mom and dad a few times when they were gettin’ busy and almost got my ass whipped, but one hiker is lucky to be alive after officials say they believe he interrupted two mating bears.

Dan Richman was probably accustomed to hiking alone in the Sierra Madre Hills of California’s Bailey Canyon area. But on this day a surprise was waiting for him. According to what he told  KTLA,  he was walking along a trail when he spotted a bear on its hind legs 50 to 100 feet away. He was pretty amazed because it was his first time seeing a bear in person. “I was pretty freaked out.”

But not so fast! When he turned around to leave he spotted a second bear. And this one was even closer.

Damn, What do you do when a bear is practically in touching distance? Apparently he thought yelling at it would scare it away.


He tried to run past the bear (huh?) and it attacked him. Then he attempted to play dead. But this served to give the huge mammal an opportunity to put its deadly jaws around the man’s head.

Fortunately for Richman, the bear got bored and gave up; giving the man an opportunity to eventually flee.


Richman had no idea how hurt he actually was until he reached safety. He had a head injury and multiple cuts to his head, legs, feet, and torso. He says he’s “fortunate” to have survived, and a local police chief describes it as a “pretty good bear attack.”

A spokesperson tells the Times a state game warden believes the bears “may have been a mating pair that was interrupted.” “The hiker probably just surprised the bears and they reacted the way an animal with teeth and claws does, attack,” the spokesperson says.

Richman, who describes in the video how he was feeling while the 300 lb. bear was on top of him, says this is the last time he’ll walk alone in the area. And officials plan to euthanize the bear if it is found.

Watch the KTLA video report directly below.

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