Scategorically The Best Donald Trump Gifts Ever


*I can scategorically tell you that these are the absolute best gifts EVER for the Donald Trump fan in your life!

First, if you’ve got a dog, how about the Donald Trump Dog Poop Bag? Just in, each roll contains 15 bags that fit on a standard clip-on leash dispenser.

According to the site, you can “make picking up poop great again” and “you’ll have a blast making Donald eat dog poo every day of the week!”

But why should your dog have all of the fun?  Ladies, if your pussy twitches in anticipation of Trump grabbing it, your dreams can come true.  

Now you can “Make America Wipe Again and take a dump with Trump!”  According to the site,

“Trump says he’s never had alcohol in his life — but he’s about to get “sheet”-faced.”

But wait!  There’s more!  

They couldn’t leave Senator Hillary Clinton out, could they?

You TOO can “perform your own SMEAR campaign with the Hillary Clinton Toilet Paper Roll!   Some may call Trump rough and abrasive, but we can assure you that Hillary is very, very smooth.”


I have but one word to describe all of this (well, I’ve two, but I’ve used “scategorically” already:

These products are DEPLORABLE!  


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