Bald Eagle Rescued From Grille of Car In Wake Of Hurricane Matthew


*As you know, Hurricane Matthew tore through Haiti, Florida, and half of the United States’ east coast last week, leaving a trail of destruction and hundreds of lost lives.

In the aftermath of a natural disaster like that, it’s great to find a story — just one — to make us smile, if just for a second.

Our national bird has come through.

A 911 call from a driver near Jacksonville, Florida reported a male bald eagle stuck in the grille of a car.

The driver was at an intersection and noticed an odd shape jutting out of the front of an oncoming car.  He initially thought it was a prop of some type, perhaps a Halloween decoration, until he noticed a head moving.

The driver then chased down the car, told the driver he had a big bird stuck in his grille, and called 911.

If you’ve not seen a bald eagle up close, let me tell you that they’re huge.  Winds must have really been kicking for one to get caught in the grille of a car!

Officials said the bird was pulled out and turned over to a bird rehabilitation organization, BEAKS — Bird Emergency Aid and Kare Sanctuary.  

Swear to God.

The bird’s rescuers named him Matthew, in honor of the storm.  Now, he’s “standing up and alert,” and doesn’t appear to be seriously injured.


BEAKS’ owner, Cynthia Mosling, says she plans to give him a checkup in the coming days and, if he checks out, release him.

From the sound of THIS story, strength and resilience are a part of why the bald eagle is our national bird!


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