10-Year-Old Sues Girl Scouts for $30M Over Cookie Conflict

Kayla Cody
Kayla Cody

*One little girl is learning about the down side of speaking up. But I sure hope she doesn’t get discouraged, and continues to stand up for what she believes anyway. Kayla was 10 years old when she was kicked out of the Girl Scouts at PS 207 in Brooklyn’s Marine Park for, well, being a bit too inquisitive when it came to her mom, Jacquelyne Cody, asking too many questions about where the money her daughter had raised selling more than 80 boxes of cookies had gone.

She knows where it was supposed to go.

Kayla had raised the money to help her class with party expenses, but instead, her mother says the troop leader used it for a camping trip.

In court papers Kayla said, “Every time I see anything that says Girl Scouts I start crying. I do not want to feel like this. How can Girl Scouts make a girl feel so bad?”

Awww baby, so sorry. Will $30 million dollars help?

That is the amount of dough Kayla and her mother are suing the cookie giant for.

Kayla’s family filed two claims against the group with the state Division of Human Rights last year, but the claims were thrown out. On top of that, the little girls’ attempts to rejoin the Girl Scouts were ignored by troop leader, Maggie Rene, according to what Kayla’s mother stated in their Brooklyn Supreme Court lawsuit against the Girl Scouts.

This wasn’t the little girl’s first row with the troop though. In 2013, she was kicked out of a meeting, but according to her family she was still allowed to rejoin. But when her mother attempted to sign her up the following year, she was turned down.

“Every time my mother asks to fill out an application. . . they tell my mother no,” Kayla says.

“What am I supposed to say when I cannot hold back tears? I see the way people look at me when I cry. I thought Girl Scouts is supposed to empower girls, not make us feel bad.”

Attempts have been made to contact the troop leader, but to no avail.


In the meantime statements from an unidentified Girl Scouts spokeswoman says, “The Girl Scouts would love to have Kayla back, and there are many troops she has been offered to join.”

But it appears the troop she wants to rejoin isn’t one of them.

As of this writing, her mother is acting as her attorney in the lawsuit.


5 thoughts on “10-Year-Old Sues Girl Scouts for $30M Over Cookie Conflict”

  1. Sounds like coaching “hold back tears”, “empower”. I bet Mama was hell on wheels and Baby Girl was, as well. Scouts are a private organization with behavioral guidelines. Mama can talk as she pleases, but the organization must observe confidentiality and discretion. Hope the Scouts stick to their guns and not roll over on this suit.

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