Pissed ‘Cause He Didn’t Get the Job, Man Jailed for Mailing Dead Skunks to Guy That Did! (Video)

Travis Tarrants
Travis Tarrants

*Oh god. I’ve been pissed at not getting jobs I wanted so badly in the past, but I NEVER thought of doing anything like this.

Some people!

Travis Tarrants, a 40-year-old man from Indiana, was so mad that he was passed over as the new school basketball coach that he sent dead skunks and a raccoon via the U. S. mail to the guy who won the position.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he spray-painted the man’s car with messages like “you will die” in an attempt to get him to resign as coach and fourth grade teacher at the school in French Lick, Indiana.

Dude, did you seriously believe YOU would be able to step in even if he did.

Apparently he didn’t get that far in his thought process.

Charles Murphy, the commander at the Jackson County Sheriff’s facility said, “It’s bizarre, it’s just hard to believe.” He said the case began in June after the post office started getting “…these packages that smell like skunks, blood coming from them,” and called police.

Tarrants was found via a trail that led from efforts made by Browntown (where he lives) police, the FBI and the U. S. Postal Service.

“It’s my understanding that Mr. Tarrants decided to create some false information about the gentleman who did get the job, accused him of child molestation, mailed a couple of dead skunks, mailed a raccoon,” Murphy said.

Witnesses said Tarrants had trapped the animals outside his home in West Baden.

Tarrants was booked into Jackson County Jail on suspicion of criminal mischief, intimidation, stalking, criminal trespass, false reporting, animal cruelty and harassment.

This happened a few weeks back, no word on whether Tarrants has retained an attorney as he sits in jail contemplating his actions.

In other skunk-related news, but on a happier note…

In the video below, a man who rescued a skunk that had a coke can on its head, called it “the bravest thing” he had ever done.

It’s a sweet video that especially hits home for this writer, because the same thing happened to me…only difference, it was a styrofoam cup…and ended with me having to throw out my favorite pair of jeans.


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