Eeek! Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Giving Anyone ‘The Middle Finger’ for Awhile (Video)


*At least not from her left hand.

The unfiltered celebrity who has been keeping the press occupied for years now for shenanigans that have absolutely nothing to do with her career as an actress, including blaming “the Black kid” for a crime she committed in 2007, recently released a video talking about her boo-boo, a severed finger — which she lost part of as the result of trying to help anchor a boat while she was on vacation.

Fortunately for Lohan, friends were able to locate the missing piece and doctors reattached it. And media outlets referring to this as her”ring finger” — it’s actually her middle finger — is obviously having an off day.

Jus’ saying…


While the video below shows Lohan revealing her bandaged finger following surgery, all someone needs to do is say GRAPHIC! DON’T LOOK AT THIS! for this writer to go and find the nasty.

…With the help of TMZ of course. Ugh. But here it is. (when you look at it cockeyed, its really not that bad.)

Check out the MailOnline video below.

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