Cancer Cure? If You or Anyone You Know Has Cancer, You Should Watch This! (Video)


*The work of this groundbreaking physicist bears repeating. Since TNT’s previous article on her, she was interviewed by Roland Martin on News One and provides further proof of the progress her exceptional work is continuing to make in the area of formulating a cure for cancer.

Many of us believe a cure or cures for the #1 killer is already upon us; but because cancer is such a money-making business, it’s cure remains a secret. But that’s why the work of Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green is so important. And our support of her work is too! It takes a real personal commitment to inspire someone to do this work, unstintingly. And her motivation to do so stems from personal experience, where two of her beloved family members had cancer and went the traditional route to try and maintain their lives.

They endured chemotherapy, which makes an attempt to kill the cancer at the expense of killing every other area of what makes a body function.

Cancer has become so overwhelmingly widespread, just about everyone knows SOMEONE who is or has suffered with it or died as a result. But with that said, many of those people were probably getting chemo.

I, too, have someone close to me who lives as a survivor. She has battled three forms of cancer since 1997. She had a 10 year remission and then was told in 2014 that her cancer had returned.

She was devastated.

She was admitted into a treatment program at a hospital marketed as a leading center for cancer treatment — with a requirement that she attend the hospital every single weekday. I guess the only reason weekends were not required is because it was inconvenient for the doctors.

My friend was told her cancer had returned. But she had shown nor had she felt any symptoms… until she started treatment at this “leading cancer center.”

One year later, after she had stopped going because she was getting conflicting stories — being misdiagnosed, not to mention she had been used as a guinea pig for the center’s research (without her permission), and given chemo (without her permission) disguised in pills, for much longer than was necessary — her beautiful face returned (with complexion in tact); so did her energy level, and she feels fine.

This “leading cancer center” now has a lawsuit on their hands.

Dr. Green shows through illustrations exactly how her “creation” chipped away at a cancerous tumor until it was nearly undetectable. She talks about what she did to extend a family member’s life by 10 years, how instead of waiting for FDA approval (which generally ties legitimate work up in years of bureaucratic bullshit in the form of paperwork just because they can, she incorporated an already approved formula.


She also shares with Mr. Martin, who I love because he just cuts to the chase with the “what do you need now to move this along” question, on how we can help her. If you recall from our previous article, The VA already awarded her a $1.1M grant which she says will cover a portion of her work over a 5-year-period. Now she needs some of the celebrities and philanthropists, and others’ with resources, who read this site to dig in those deep pockets.

Please watch the video below to get the full story directly from Dr. Green. And check out where to go to support her work below the video.  Thank you for your kind attention.

To support @drhadiyahgreen’s research visit or

or visit…

The Morehouse School of Medicine website, specify Dr. Hadiyah -Nicole Green’s work so the support can go toward that.

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