Reporter Says Trump Called Her ‘The C-Word’ (Watch)


*OK. OK. Allegedly.

A reporter who spoke to CNN recently recalls an article she wrote in 1988 pissed Donald Trump off so much that he ended up calling her on the phone, cursing her out, and then referred to her as ‘the c-word’ while speaking with her boss.

Jennifer Lin said she refuses to say the word because “I feel it’s the worse word in the English language to refer to a woman.”

I understand. So I’ll say it for you.


Of course Trump’s people accuse Lin of telling a bold-faced lie.

Now answer me this people: Is it really so far-fetched to believe that Donald Trump, who has so openly disparaged women, would use such a word to describe one?

Save that answer and the thoughts that follow…for now.

You can see Lin’s interview below, but the incident happened in the late 1980s when Lin was a reporter in the Wall Street office of the Philadelphia Inquirer. She wrote a story about Trump’s Atlantic City casinos — which he apparently took issue with.

So he called her  and blasted her for it! Then he called her boss, and laid into him. That’s when he allegedly referred to her as a ‘cunt.’

But check this out.

Lin’s boss asked Trump specifically what was his problem with the article. Was there a particular part of the story that was erroneous? Did the reporter misspeak, misstep, and asked if he would please provide examples.

Trump had none.


Because he said he HADN’T READ THE STORY!

He had only read the headline.

Scroll down for the interview. This bit of information was only presented to you as further demonstration of what you can expect if you are voting for Mr. Trump come November.

I’m out. I think I hear my phone ringing. 

Take a look at the CNN Video Interview.

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