WT…?!? Mayor of Kenai, Alaska Wants Cats On Leashes…Or Else!


*Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about Alaska. I know it’s cold. I know it’s dark during a lot of the year. And I know it’s been said that you can see Russia from certain houses there.  


But this one takes the frozen cake.

If the mayor of Kenai, Alaska has her way, cats will need to be walked on leashes just like dogs.

Mayor Pat Porter and council member Tim Navarre have proposed a cat leash law, after complaints about roaming felines rose.

The current city code does not include cats on its list of animals that need to be leashed.

I would think not!  

Now, I’m more of a “dog person,” having only lived with one cat in my lifetime. (I don’t believe you “own” animals; you share a home with them.) Salem (he was named after the cat on the 90s TV show  Sabrina, the Teenage Witch) was one smart pussycat — the only one I knew who could fetch.

Yes, fetch a ball. He’d do it over and over.


But not even my beloved Salem would have walked on a leash. Like most cats, he walked when (and only when) he felt like it!

The proposed ordinance also cites the impact of Kenai’s growing cat population on the town’s Animal Shelter’s resources. However, Kenai City Manager Rick Koch says resources are sufficient, and he’s checking on whether other Alaska towns have similar laws.

I’m curious about that one, myself.

A hearing and vote on the ordinance is set for Oct 5.

I feel like clearing my schedule for THAT hearing.  Road trip!

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