‘All I Could See Was Someone’s Son’ Woman Saves Boy from Attempted Suicide


*Kate Pierini Debernardi  had just come from dinner with her son. She decided to check her emails while they waited for the BART train. But then her son yelled, “Mom! Someone just jumped down on the tracks!”

“I looked up to see a shirtless black youth on the tracks … mumbling incoherently,” Kate wrote on Facebook.

Do you see what all of the hatred in this world is doing to our youth? 

With all of the bullsh*t going on in the world today, and in this country in particular, this young man was obviously lost, and felt, why am I even here? I may be killed by a cop? I may be forced to join a gang? I may be shot because I won’t.



Debernardi knew the next train was less than a minute away and proved her loyalty to the title of “Mother,” when she immediately jumped into action. She literally got down on the train tracks and said to the young man…

“Honey, please don’t make me be the one to tell your momma.
Please take my hand and come back up here.”

Thank goodness her words were enough.

Debernardi heard the people yelling, but admits that all she could see was someone’s son. The youngster took her hand and she helped him up, threw her arms around him, and held on to him as if for dear life.

Kate says the young man told her, “…’I just need a hug.’

I told him he was amazing and lovable and valuable and I made him get on the train with me.” Kate wrote on Facebook.

Kates asks this of all of us…

“If you pray, please pray he stays safe. Please pray he feels loved and valued. Please love and value each other.”

A boatload of THANKS to you, Kate Debernardi. I for one, sure will.

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