New Psychology Spot Research Says Mama Gave You Those Smarts (Video)


*Ooowee! I just KNEW researchers would catch up to this truth one day! But of course, as a mother, I may be biased. According to a Psychology Spot feature, it is now suggested that the genes that determine our intellect comes from our mothers.

That’s all you need to know! But for the sake of argument, I’ll continue.

Up until now it was ASSUMED that intelligence came from both parents. Yep! ‘Cause I admit to inheriting my dad’s stubborn determination and my mom’s fearlessness!

But now, researchers break it down to a mother’s double set of XX chromosomes versus the one that dad hosts.

According to research, intelligence genes are located on the “X” chromosome and because women carry a double set, its more likely mom will pass them along to her kids. Dad can certainly pass on a few, but researchers say the chances of them impacting your intellect are , well, slim to none.


Further, researchers add that if that same gene, called condition genes, is inherited from your dad, it is deactivated.

Sorry dad, but thinking back now, it’s probably for the best. And an estimated 40-60% of our genes is hereditary, leaving the rest to be caused by environmental stimulation and personal traits.

But check out what happens to your intelligence level if you attempt to shelter your kid from the vicissitudes of life.

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