Toddler Trapped Underneath Capsized Boat Saved by ‘Air Pocket’ (Watch)


*Wow. Any parent’s worst nightmare was played out late last month when a family outing on a boat near Orlando turned terrifying. Tammy and Brian Bossard’s boat hit something underwater which caused the vessel to capsize.

While they were able to grab their youngest child (7 months) and scramble to the top of the boat, their nearly two year old toddler, Kennedy, was nowhere to be seen.

The child was still under the water.

Tammy, hysterical, called for help. Thankfully, her cellphone was still working.

“I’m in the river. Our boat crashed…Please God, send someone now!” she said frantically.

And you can hear Brian Bossard in the background saying, “There’s no air under there.”

(Scroll down to hear the terrified comments to the 911 operator in the video below).

It was called nothing short of a miracle that, after an hourlong search, rescuers were able to locate and save the little girl. Corporal Alan Worthy of the Cocoa Police Department describes how he placed his ear next to the capsized boat and swore he heard the little girl tapping. They said because she was wearing a life jacket, she had managed to rise up to the top of the flipped-over-boat and settle into an air pocket, which kept her safe.

Needless to say, the family couldn’t thank the rescuers enough.

Check out the Inside Edition video directly below. We are so very happy this child was spared!

Tammy Bossard speaks to the media about her daughter’s rescue.

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