White Men at Washington’s American University Throw Rotten Bananas at Black Women


*It seems ignorant white men are still seeking new ways to curb their sexual desire for Black women. To them I ask: How’s that working out for ya, fellas?

Whereas ‘back in the day’ they saw fit to humiliate Black men in front of their women; and rape those women as part of the ordeal, the tactic being used now is throw rotten bananas at ’em.

This is what Black female students are going through at American University in Washington, D. C.

Several women have come forward to report the incidents.

“I called my grandma up, and she said she went through the same thing, 40, 50-plus years ago,” says Jada Bell, the Black Student Alliance’s outreach coordinator while speaking with Buzzfeed about the current harassment she and other Black women are facing from white men on the school’s campus.

“Black women are under threat on campus — they are being used as target practice.”

“We’re literally being attacked and assaulted on campus, and there’s nothing being done about it by the administration,” she said.


Reports say that not only have Black women been on the receiving end of racist attacks, their property is also being vandalized.

One student was said to have been in her dorm room on September 8, minding her on business, when a group of white men forced her door open to throw a banana at her.

Neah Gray lives on the same floor as the woman whose door was forced open and told the Washington Post that she found bananas outside of her door; along with crude drawings of male genitalia on the whiteboard hanging outside her room. She demonstrates a Black woman’s strength as she states,

“I wouldn’t let people drive me out, but it’s kind of sad that this kind of thing still happens.” 

According to Buzzfeed

The school’s Black Student Alliance issued a statement on Friday detailing the incidents, which they say have left them feeling “unrepresented, unprotected, and unappreciated” by the university and its administrators.



When students showed their support for the women, and created signs to include in a campaign that read: “#TheRealAU may include having rotten bananas thrown at you,” they were ordered by American University administrators to take the signs down.

No surprise there.

Neither is this statement from the school administrators.

“Actions can and do have impact beyond their intent and that was the case here,” the statement said. “The University condemns discrimination and discriminatory harassment and all violations are handled through the Student Conduct process.”

These white men are going to run up on the WRONG Black woman. Mark my words.

Supposedly, an investigation is in process.

Read more at Raw Story.

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