Black Cop in Dallas Files Lawsuit Against Black Lives Matter…And President Obama


*Well if this cop’s intent was to get our attention, let us stop for a sec, unite and say…

Do tell.

Sgt. Demetrick Pennie is a 17-year-member of the Dallas Police Force, and he says he is suing the Black Lives Matter movement along with the Rev. Al Sharpton; Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, billionaire activist George Soros, President Barack Obama and Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton because they…wait for it…

Are inciting a race war.

Kind of head-scratcher coming from a Black man. But let’s hear what he has to say, shall we?

According to the  Dallas Morning News, Pennie filed the lawsuit on Friday and he is seeking between $500 million and $1.5 billion.

Dare I say this appears to be some outlandish attempt to throw the proverbial wrench in the sh*t. What court on what planet in what universe would give HIM any money based on such a claim?

But hey, as I’ve asked before, “who the heck am I?”

The media report describes the officer’s lawsuit as saying…

“Defendants incite people to violence and cause violence by telling those people that they are under attack. Defendants are encouraging disaffected blacks, Black Muslims, Muslims and others allied with them including certain whites to ignore, disrespect, and assault law enforcement officials, and commit violence and lethal force.”

It further alleges, the defendants “have repeatedly incited their supporters and others to engage in threats of and attacks to cause serious bodily injury or death upon police officers and other law enforcement persons of all races and ethnicities.”

The lawsuit was filed hours before two Texas police officers were injured in a shooting while responding to a suicide call.

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