Pastor Tells HS Crowd to Stand for National Anthem or Get Shot


*By now, we should all be use to nut cases who try to use scripture to justify the ills of man.  Slavery, the oppression of women, homophobia…I always say:  if you want a scripture to justify what you want to think, you can find one…or twist one…to suit your needs.

But I’ll be damned if self-described men of the cloth aren’t just spouting off whatever they want to say, with or without any scriptural support!   And those on the mental edge have been pushed over it by Colin Kaepernick and his awesome protest of racial injustice.  

The pastor of Sweet Home Baptist Church in Alabama, who moonlights as an announcer at McKenzie High School football games — or maybe it’s the other way around — told a crowd Friday night to rise for the national anthem…or get shot.  

“If you don’t want to stand for the National Anthem, you can line up over there by the fence and let our military personnel take a few shots AT you since they’re taking shots FOR you,” Pastor Allen Joyner said before the game, according to an (of course) now deleted Facebook post.

School officials denounced Joyner with a quickness.

“Patriotism should be a part of school events but threats of shooting people aren’t patriotic, even in jest, and have no place at a school,” Butler County Schools Superintendent Amy Bryan said.  “Threats of violence are a violation of school policy and certainly not condoned by the school board.”

It’s unclear if Joyner will continue to serve as announcer at the high school.  I would hope not.  In fact, I think they need to sit his ass down from the pulpit!

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5 thoughts on “Pastor Tells HS Crowd to Stand for National Anthem or Get Shot”

  1. I would have been the first one lining up at the fence with a sign of a huge fist with an extended middle finger and Pastor Joyner at the wrist!

  2. This “pastor” should be decommissioned, defrocked and put out to pasture where he belongs!

  3. Sick of these so called Christians. Are we going to become North Korea. You better think about it when you go to the polls

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