Hateful White Girl Attacks Two Muslim Women in Bensonhurst (Video)

Emirjeta Ehelili (via Facebook)

*One thing I notice about white supremacists, aside from their ignorance and the fact that they are driven by hate, is — at least in general, they are also physically unattractive.

Right down to the yellowing teeth.

Like the woman pictured above.  Take a good look. Her face is the epitome of hate. C’mon. Need I say more on this point?

Let me get that for you…Hell no!

Emirjeta Ehelili, 32, was charged with misdemeanor assault as a hate crime for attacking two Muslim women as they strolled through the streets of Bensonhurst in Brooklyn with their babies.

She punched the women in the face and kicked them in the legs.

Ehelili, who, if I’m going to be picky here doesn’t sound like a “native American” either, at least in name, told the women they don’t belong here and attempted to pull off their Hijabs before trying to overturn the stroller of a 15-month-old child.

It’s no surprise that although Ehelili has no previous record of incident (at least nothing she was actually caught for), the idiot, who was ID’d by the women and apprehended a few blocks away, has advertised her ignorance by hateful comments posted on social media.

She writes on Facebook:

“What is your Allah doing to me? It’s kissing my ass,” according to one of the messages.

Another has her referring to “aliens with black skins.”

And in yet another she writes,

“You lucky for a time that is left, for I have counted your days!”

At her arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court, Assistant District Attorney Kelli Muse reiterated, “She didn’t even care for the well-being of a baby — that’s how serious this hate crime is.”

And proving how ignorance works out loud, Ehelili couldn’t even hold her hateful emotions in, in front of police. While in custody she said to the women:

‘You guys don’t belong here.’”

Muse made a request that Ehelili be held on $50,000 bail or $25,000 cash bail. Judge Lorna McAllister also issued a restraining order which bars her from any contact with the victims or their babies.

This incident is not being taken lightly by the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has put out an order to all mosques to beef up security; especially in light of September 11, the 15th anniversary of one of the most heinous incidents in the history of the United States.

The chapter is especially concerned that the date will be used as an excuse for hate crimes to be committed against Muslim Americans.

Ehelili’s behavior and views is just one more clear reflection of the mindset of those supporting a Donald Trump presidency. His entire campaign has been a breeding ground for the Emirjeta Ehelili’s of the nation. In fact, in a Facebook post she writes…

“Trump’s gonna win.”

For the life of me, I can’t wrap any portion of my brain around the idea that people can hate so strongly that they lose all perspective. The Obama presidency has proven, without a doubt, the prominence of racism in America. Yet his election for a second term proved how hatred can not, should not, and hopefully WILL NOT govern the outcome of this or any future election.

I have heard some people justify their ignorant response to the voting process by saying they are, “…not going to vote because [they] don’t like any of the candidates.”

To those people I say, if you plan to continue living in this country; where you have such a privilege, you’d better change your thinking. It’s not cute.  It’s not even smart. And as for the complaints that we all know you will have post-election? Save ’em. Your decision NOT to vote also took away your right to complain.

It’s not too late! Register to vote. Whether its by signing up with the person handing forms outside of your local supermarket, or online here.

Watch the NY Daily News video report on the incident directly below.

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  1. Awesome…wish there were more like her. Beat the shit outta these hateful towel heads

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