Caught! He Shot ‘Baby-Mama’ 13 Times…In Front of Her Kids



This was the post Shaqueenia Hanna, 35, put on her Facebook page on Monday, Sept. 5, after she allegedly received a text from Terrell Robinson, the father of 1 of her 6 children, promising to kill her.

That was on Monday, on Tuesday he tried to make good on that promise, and as she begged for her life, shot her in front of her children…13 times.

It can be seen as nothing other than miraculous that Hanna is still alive!

Though in critical condition in intensive care at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center.

One of the children called the police following the shooting and a daughter named Ronnisha, told them…

“I seen him shoot. That my mama. I wanted to run outside. I was just crawling to her and crying.” 

“He committed a crime in front of her children, and something needs to be done about it,” family friend Tamika Wallace told Local 10 News. “It tears me up because it is something they will carry for the rest of their lives.

Photo Hanna used in her Facebook post
Photo Hanna used in her Facebook post

After hearing of the shooting, Hanna’s Facbook post included some of the following…

Zarinah A. Grant
Zarinah A. Grant Praying for you baby girl get well your babies need u


Kenyatta Gardner
Kenyatta Gardner Just kno im praying For u


Melinda Scott
Melinda Scott Prayers r going up.


Reille Vander
Reille Vander May that bastard who shot you 13 times burn in hell.


Desiree D Napoleon
Desiree D Napoleon 😢😢
Robinson, 31, who is the father of Hanna’s youngest child, a 5 year old, was captured by the U.S. Marshals Service after Miami detectives received a tip that the father-of-4 was seen boarding a bus bound for Oklahoma.

Three of his four children have since been placed in the custody of their mother, Kenetria Gilmore. A fourth child has been placed with other family members.

Gilmore, who is caring for a set of 6-year-old twins as well as a 7-year-old, admits caring for the additional children will be a challenge, but their placement with her, according to the judge who made sure to admonish her, is only temporary.

“Let me stress that you need to make good choices,” said the judge, who also told her not to have any contact with Robinson and to call police if he shows up at her home.

Wait! He is going to be free?

According to the site SandraRoseU.S. Marshals took Robinson into custody on Thursday when his bus arrived at its Oklahoma City destination.



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