Man Kills Grandma, One Other and Injures Dad in Hit-and-run


*I really don’t know where to start with this.

22-year old Valentino Alvarez has a long rap sheet, including multiple felonies to which he’s pled no contest in favor of lesser charges, over the last several years.  That rap sheet got longer this morning after he injured his father and killed his grandmother and father’s girlfriend, according to California Highway Patrol.  

Valentino and other family had gathered around Noon Wednesday at their great-grandmother’s house in the Sacramento, California area.   The 91-year-old had died peacefully in her sleep earlier Wednesday, and they’d gathered to celebrate her life.

THAT was a blessing, as she didn’t live to see the mess that unfolded later that day.

Alvarez, his father, his dad’s girlfriend, and his grandmother decided to leave in a car driven by Alvarez.  Just after leaving, their car hit the back of a tractor-trailer, according to CHP.

Their car flipped over several times and crashed into a fence.  Alvarez was injured, but managed to get out of the car and run from the scene.  He subsequently flagged down a passing car that allegedly took him to a relative’s home in Hood, California.  No one has seen him since the crash, officers said.

And what of the others in the crash?  Both Alvarez’ 64-year-old grandmother and his father’s 47-year-old girlfriend were pronounced dead at the scene.  His 44-year-old father was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries and had to have his hand amputated, according to CHP.  No information about his status is available at press time.   It’s not known whether the driver of the truck was injured in the crash.

And to put a big ol’ cherry on top of THIS mess, guess what?  Alvarez did not hold a driver’s license.

Anyone with information about the crash or Alvarez’ whereabouts is asked to call the CHP at 916-961-1300.

Let’s pray for this family.  

And if Alvarez’ dad makes it, I’d bet Alvarez can look forward to a LONG one-handed ass whoopin’!

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  1. hey b**ch thats my son your calling names you f***en people dont know shit about my son and wtf did his dad do by letting him drive knowing he dont got a license dont know s**t dont speak!!!!

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