Batman’s Bike Is For Sale


*I’ve always been on #TeamSuperman, but ever since Adam West jumped in the 1960s-era Batmobile and said “Atomic batteries to power! Turbines to speed!” followed by Burt Ward’s “Roger!  Ready to move out!” I’ve wanted one of Batman’s vehicles.

Hell, I won’t front:  I’d have jumped on Batgirl’s cycle if given half a chance.  

Now I can have one of those Bat-toys!  

The Batpod was the only thing left from the destroyed Batmobile in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, and one of the bikes used in that flick and the follow-up The Dark Knight Rises is up for auction.  

The bike features fiberglass body panels, a custom-made chassis, 31-inch Hoosier tires, and a Honda 750 engine.  It also features a laser-targeting unit and (sadly) non-functioning cannons.

The Batpod on the block is one of only six that were built for the films.  It does have signs of use — which ups the “cool” factor for me! — and will be sold as a “rolling model” without a battery, fuel tank, throttle controls, or any fluids.

The bike’s is expected to sell between $80,000 and $107,000 — a steal for something that was built by a multimillionaire, philanthropist, and moonlighting superhero.  

With minimal work, someone’s going to walk away with a bike that will allow them to relive their favorite scenes from the landmark Dark Knight trilogy!


This was written by freelance writer Michael P Coleman.  As freelance writer’s don’t earn as much as multimillionaire philanthropists, he might have to pass on the bike.  Maybe he should set up a GoFundMe page.  Follow him on Twitter.

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