3x Emmy Award Winner Teaches Makeup Workshop for LGBT & Women on Sept. 17


My goal is to share with you my expertise, and all the knowledge that I have been given; to boost that added edge so you can make wiser purchases by noticing which products work best to enhance your existing beauty. Accentuating your assets and minimizing your liabilities do this.

First you must look in the mirror and embrace the face that is looking back at you, looking deep inside and realizing just how unique, beautiful and exceptional you truly are is important for you to realize!


  1. Classic eye shadow application for your specific look
  2. Eyebrow shapes that fit your individual face shape
  3. Makeup application that enhances your beauty

Workshop includes: $75.00 pre-registration at [email protected] (Limited Seats Available) *$100.00 at the Door

  1. ‘Natural to Knockout’ Book (Retail Value $50 Available at Amazon.com)
  2. Skin Care (learning how to cleanse and prep the skin)

Skin care products and individual mirrors will be supplied.

  1. Gift Bags (skin care product samples, NTK products, etc.)
  2. Every attendee is eligible to enter the drawing for the ultimate Seacret Skin Care Gift Basket. (Valued at $800, Seacret products are given at Oscar’s Celebrity Gift Suite)
  3. Bring your own personal makeup
  4. Please come with NO MAKE UP ON!



Carol Brown:


Book may be purchased at www.amazon.com/naturaltoknockout


Saturday, September 17, 2016

 LOCATION: Market Lofts: 645 W. 9th Street Los Angeles, CA 90015 (Entrance is on Hope Street Next to Ralph’s entrance driveway.) 

Physiognomy: Discerning of one’s character by their facial features

  1. Face Shape
  2. Skin type
  3. Eyebrow Measurement
  4. Your undertone
  5. Your skin tone
  6. Highlight & Contour (what is right for you)
  7. Are you warm or cool tone?
  8. Makeup type
  9. Your personal look for you

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