Zariah Muhammad , 6, Shot Last Month, Starts School Wearing ‘All Smiles’ (Watch)

Zariah Muhammad

*With the deepest gratitude, her life was spared. And not even a bullet to the head of 6-year-old Zariah Muhammad, dimmed the smile on her face as she set out to school on Tuesday. She’s so very excited. And speaking with the media you would not even know that her summer was scarred by the horror of being shot in the head, point blank, as she and her uncle played outside.

The two were throwing water balloons outside of Park Manor last month when a man walked up to them and opened fire. Little Zariah was struck in the head and spent three days in the hospital due to a fractured skull.

Sadly, her uncle,  22-year-old Davis McCray, didn’t make it.

Zariah’s mother is trying to hold it all together, but she is still struggling to get her family back to some sense of normalcy.

“When she goes back to school it will all settle down,” said Gloria Muhammad, who admits that the shooting has definitely changed the lives of all of the children in the family.


“The only way they feel confident is when everybody in the family is around,” said Muhammad. “If we walk around on the street, they want to hurry up and get home. It was never like that before.”

But listening to Zariah, and looking at that smile, you wonder how such a little girl can be so darn strong and happy in the aftermath.


“We’ll get to play, get to go to science, get to go up to the computer area,” Zariah said. “We get to do a lot of different stuff.”

The child did tell ABC7, when speaking of her uncle, that she wished he would have gone to the kid’s hospital, then, she said, he would not have died.

One can’t help but think that the career goal this sweet child, who starts first grade at Woodlawn Elementary School, has set for herself may be in direct response of what she has gone through in her young life.

“When I grow up I’m going to be a doctor because they help people get better,” said Zariah. “I’m going to be in a kid’s hospital.”

Take a look at Zariah, who is only 1 of approximately 27 kids under 13 shot in the Chicago area this year alone, in the ABC7 video report directly below.

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