Southwest Flight Attendant’s ‘Unusual Talent’ Makes Landing Fun! (Video)

Looney Toones

*So you’ve had a long weekend and now it’s time to get back to work. Here is something cute to get you on your way!

Many of you may be too young to remember the Saturday morning cartoons that differ greatly from those your kids may be watching today (Teen Titans or other more techno-looking animations). I’m talking about the original, classic, irreplaceable funnies that starred characters like Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Tweety Bird and Daffy Duck.

I recall getting up on Saturday morning and watching these characters as my siblings and I ate breakfast… together .

Oh! Talk about glory days!

Apparently, a male Flight attendant at Southwest Airlines misses those days as much as I do.

Hey Face: Get ready to grin!

Flight attendant  Zachary James Haumesser has been a skilled puppeteer for more than 15 years.  And when he is not flying and entertaining the passengers on Southwest Airlines, he is puppeteering for the mini web series “ITCH.”

Watch Zach in motion below on Southwest Airlines.

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