NYC Woman Releases Bugs ‘N Worms on the D Train, Arrested


*Eek! It’s like a scene straight out of Impractical Jokers, only thing is this was not funny. A self-proclaimed ‘performance artist’ decided to release a healthy sh*tload of bugs and worms on New York’s D train.

Needless to say, even in a city where mice and roaches run rampant and no one seems to notice, people freaked out!

After 21-year-old Zaida Pugh was arrested and booked on charges of reckless endangerment, she did accept her fate and admitted to the fault.

After the train came to a stop at a legitimate station, Pugh was apprehended and taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. But once they determined she was not legitimately crazy, she was booked.

Turns out it was a prank that Pugh, who was disguised as a homeless person, had been recording on her cellphone.

“We thought she was an emotionally disturbed person, we took her to the hospital,” said Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce. “She went out and made further statements to the press that she’d done this on purpose.”

“She put people at risk,” Boyce said.

Arrested for releasing bugs on train
Zaida Pugh being taken away.

Riders on the train didn’t know what was happening at first, and began posting the strangeness on social media.


One guy named John Ray posted on Facebook, “We had no idea what was happening, just heard yelling, then screaming, then something flew in the air.”

As it turns out, Pugh has a penchant for creating video pranks, and posting them on social media. But this one didn’t get attention until the story was picked up by numerous news outlets.

According to the New York Post, Pugh told CBS New York.

“I’m really sorry about everything. I deserve it because I was wrong…“I just wanted to do a video of what the homeless people go through and how we look at them.”

Really? Homeless people release bugs on trains?

Girl, you need to do some more research. DISTURBED PEOPLE release bugs on trains and not all homeless people are disturbed.

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