Man Kills Fiance and Tells 10-Year-Old Daughter, ‘You Have to Die Too!’

Terrance Meredith
Terrance Meredith

*First, let me rest you assured that the daughter is alive and physically unharmed. She did a really smart thing to stay that way. Her father, Terrance Meredith, 43, had just shot her mother, Otha Mooney, 35, right in front of her. He had been arguing with his fiance about car keys, according to the prosecutor. As the woman searched in her purse for the keys, she paused and told her daughter how much she loved her and her siblings.

A witnessed told police that Meredith had been armed with a knife during the argument, but later on pointed a gun at Mooney.

When the argument progressed as Mooney was searching for the keys, Meredith was said to have began waving the gun around, and the two struggled before the gun went off and Mooney was shot.

The couple lived in the 100 block of Chicago’s West 112th Place, and the shooting occurred there on Monday at 12:25 a.m.

Mooney was pronounced dead at 12:55 a.m.

Rest in peace, Otha Mooney
Rest in peace, Otha Mooney

The little girl managed to escape after telling her dad that she was on his side. According to prosecutors, she then ran to a relatives house for help.

By all appearances, Meredith may have tried to stage a suicide. Prosecutors say that once police arrived, it looked like Mooney’s body had been moved; and a small gun was found near her hand, and shell casing near her feet.

But Meredith, who was apprehended and is charged with first-degree murder, admitted to owning the gun.

A claim that would’ve been difficult to deny since the cops found ammunition in his pockets.


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