First Year Teacher Records ‘Welcome the the 4th Grade’ Rap Video…Goes Viral (Watch)


*Now this may make you want to turn around and enroll your 4th grader into Mr. Reed’s class. The first year Chicago schoolteacher didn’t hesitate to jump right into the new school year on a passionate note that can only be found in new teachers.

After all, they have not been soiled by the politics of poor school funding; appalling student-teacher ratios, and a lackluster support system. They come in with all heart. And they only have eyes for the children.

As my mentor would say: How noble!

So Dwayne Reed decided to get his students attention in a more creative way. Instead of the usual, whatever that may be, he created a rap song and video to welcome his students to the 4th grade. In the video, he tells them what they will learn, how they will be rewarded for working hard, and what they should and should not do.

And he does it without talking down to them!

Social media went nuts over the video and took it viral. But folks also questioned the authenticity of the music; which sounds an awful lot like Michael Jackson’s Will You Be There.


Because of this, and to avoid any controversy, the following note was posted on the YouTube account which hosts the video. It reads…

** It has come to our attention that Mr. Reed’s song has a melody very similar to Michael Jackson’s “I Will Be There.” The artist did not intend to steal, rip, riff, or mimic Mr. Jackson’s song, but apparently, powerful songs and their sounds can remain lodged in people’s memory even decades after they’ve been released or heard. As to avoid any controversy or issues, Mr. Reed has chosen not to sell his “Welcome to the 4th Grade” song, opting only to use it as a fun way to connect with his students and start the school year with some excitement!

Mr. Reed also invites anyone moved by the video to donate items such as things like Books and other school supplies. Heck, they will even accept winter clothing items and cash (Checks should be made out to the Jane Stenson School).

All items (even a hearty ‘hello’ to Mr. Reed) can be mailed to:

Attn: Mr. Dwayne Reed.
Jane Stenson school
9201 Lockwood Avenue
Skokie, IL 60077

According to the International Business Times

Reed’s Twitter bio reads simply, “Believer. Teacher.” He is originally from East Garfield Park, a suburban neighborhood just north of the city, but he now lives in Skokie near Jane Stenson Elementary School.

“I think I’m somewhat gifted at music. It’s simply a way for me to try to connect with my students,” Reed told Chicago’s NBC5. “Regardless of how cheesy it is, if it helps them remember something, if it helps them excel on the test, or in life, I’m fine with it, I’m backing it.”

And an article in NewsOne reports…

His principal, Sue O’Neil, told NBC News Chicago she’s looking forward to working with her newly minted teacher.

“I think he’s gonna bring a lot of creativity, and I just think the kids are gonna relate to him really well,” she added.

Now watch what all the hoopla is about for yourself, as Mr. Reed welcomes his students to class in the video below.

Click on the link beneath the video to download it (for free) and share with your 4th graders!

Download “Welcome to the 4th Grade” for free:…

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