Shocking! Man Caught on Tape Trying to Kidnap Toddler (Watch)

Stephen O'Brien can be seen carrying a young child over his shoulder as he leaves a store.
Stephen O’Brien can be seen carrying a young child over his shoulder as he leaves a store.

*Parents, I hate to break it to you but, you’ve probably heard the saying, “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” Only thing is, it’s usually associated with something cute and gimmicky. Some scary movie or sales pitch. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here. Nut jobs are getting more brazen than ever these days. Only last week we heard about the Glendale woman who, in broad daylight snatched, or attempted to snatch two young children. Fortunately, two days later she was captured. Now some other fool has walked right up to a family in a supermarket and lifted their one-year-old child over his shoulder and walked out.

Let me say that again.

He lifted these people’s child up onto his shoulder and WALKED OUT!

And there is video to prove it below.

Before we go any further, I’m happy to report the kidnapper, identified as Stephen O’Brien, didn’t get far and the kid is fine, thanks to his dad who, after the shock of it wore off, followed the crazy man out of the store and  took his child back before alerting store employees to call the cops.

When you see the guy hand the child back, without further incident, watch what he does to the father.


In the video (scroll down) we hear that the reason why the dad wasn’t initially alarmed when he saw a stranger lifting his kid was he thought it was a store employee, just playing with the child.

I can understand that. Honestly, I would’ve thought the same thing. I mean, WHO WALKS UP AND JUST ABDUCTS A CHILD RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS PARENTS!!!?

Braintree’s Stephen O’Brien, 47, and Glendale’s Lisa Arnold, 52, that’s who.

The incident happened at the South Shore India Market, a grocery store in Braintree Massachusetts. A shirtless O’Brien was caught on surveillance tape calmly walking out of the store with the child flung over his shoulder, like he was a sack of potatoes.


O’Brien is said to have headed straight to the woods, directly behind the store.

Mehtab Ahmed, who works at the store, described the scene to the station.

“This gentleman walked in, without a shirt, grabbed the kid,” Ahmed said to the reporter, as he walks her through the same back door O’Brien walked out of, and headed straight to the woods where he was apprehended.

“God bless the guy. His father was very attentive where his kid was, got him and confronted the suspect,” said Ahmed.

Here is the boy being handed back to his father by Stephen O'Brien
Here is the boy being handed back to his father by Stephen O’Brien

According to the CBS Boston report, Ahmed walks reporter Chantee Lans through the area as he explains. “This is where he came out. He had access right to the woods, came through had gone down this small little alley way through here,” said Ahmed.

Ahmed said he clung to a tree until police arrived.

“When he heard the sirens, he started falling down and then when the first approaching officer came in, he was right here and I think he was arrested right over here,” said Ahmed.

O’Brien is in jail charged with attempted kidnapping and resisting arrest. Can’t wait to the angle his attorney, assuming he gets one, uses to justify these actions.

Watch the video for yourself directly below. SMDH. What a world.

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