‘Adam Newman’ We’re Sorry, But You Can’t Leave Y&R!

Justin "Adam Newman" Hartley
Justin “Adam Newman” Hartley

*Look, I had no intention of going there today! After all, I’m sure many of you are thinking there are more important things happening in the world. We have ongoing news about the dangers of voting that man into office (he must not win!!!), this is the final day of the Olympics in Rio (and the U. S. is looking to bring home even more gold. Yippee!!); and the talk of threats about losing Obamacare and any number of other important events deserve our attention.

But sh*t, you’ll have to trust me on this one: those issues will still be there tomorrow. TODAY, there are dozens of Young & The Restless fans on the Electronic Urban Report (EURThisNthat) who watch Y&R, and have watched the show for decades, like me, and this is important to us!!! Race be damned! Have you heard the rumor going around that we are about to lose yet ANOTHER Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) …i.e. badass…i.e. wayward son of the most powerful man in the soap world, Victor Newman (played immeasurably well by Eric we-use- to- have-the-same-agent Braeden)?

Eric Braeden is Victor Newman


But as the source says, “All signs point to yes!” Now look, if you are a serious Y&R fan you know that the Adam Newman role is not for the weak. Because he is such a prominent figure on the show; one with any number of complex, ongoing issues (I won’t name them here, you know what this man has been through!), not just any actor can fill his shoes. It is not an easily replaceable character.

Hell, many of us are just now fully releasing his predecessor – the incredible Michael Muhney — who left the show in 2013 amidst rumors he touched the young character, Summer Newman, portrayed by actor Hunter King, inappropriately.

A rumor which Muhney adamantly denies.

Few professionals have the skill to walk into a role played so well by a previous actor, and immediately move us. But Hartley did just that when he took the role over three years ago. There was no doubt whatsoever, that Adam Newman was in the house.

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Incidentally, I felt the EXACT same way when the switch up occurred with the former, Phyllis Newman, played beyond well by Michelle Stafford (1994 – 1997 and then 2000 – August 2 2013) — who I had the pleasure of meeting by chance one evening at The Americana in Glendale CA.

Michelle Stafford

Stafford was replaced magnificently, (sorry Michelle) by Gina Tognoni. I so did not want to like Gina but hey, you’ve got to bow down to genius, and Tognoni did the damn thang (and continues to do it) with a fierceness!

Sidebar to writers: We ’bout ready to out Phyllis and Jack’s “indiscretion.” It’s gone on long enough and this whole attempt at distraction with Jill, Cane, whatever, ain’t workin’.


But back to Hartley’s “Adam.”

The rumor about Hartley’s alleged exit started after he gave an interview to Michael Fairman at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour for NBC. Seeing as Y&R is a CBS show, Hartley, who has been busy doing triple duty with shows “This Is Us” (NBC) and a guest-starring role on ABC’s “Mistresses” alluded to the challenge.

“I’m going to have to do this for a little bit here. There’s definitely a break [at Y&R]. I don’t know if I can [do both shows],” Hartley said. “I try to stay out of that, and gladly don’t wear that hat. I’m on all three networks… for the moment.”

Oh god. No really, I’m feeling queasy.

And the other clue that we might have to say bye-bye to Hartley’s Adam came in the disguise of a casting call that was put out recently. According to the site, SheKnows

CelebDirtyLaundry.com says a character named “Dean” sounds just like Adam Newman.

The description was for a Caucasian man in his mid-30s who comes from a wealthy family and goes against the grain by trying to live a more positive life by staying away from his family’s greed. It’s not like Y&R to introduce a new character that’s similar to one they already have.


Now look, I was an actor for nearly two decades and I know that, bottom line, you’ve got to go where the money is. But also, an actor goes where the good roles are. So here’s the thing: Justin, what role could possibly be better than that of Adam Newman? The new writers, who are not new any longer but they were three years ago, have been kickin’ serious ass with your content.

So it must be the money, right?

And as sad as it would be to see you go bro, we know we can’t stand in the way of an artist’s progress.  Just know that you have used your dash: 2013-2016 serving us well during your residence in Genoa City. And for what it’s worth, we hope you’ll come to your senses and decide to extend your lease.

But if you find that you just can’t, well, at least hit me up for a quick interview before you exit…along with your dad!

I’m DeBorah B. Pryor, and not only do I approve this message, but I am digging deep to find the picture of the original Y&R cast I took at a live event years ago.

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