Gender is ‘Out’ — You’re Either ‘Student’ or ‘Scholar’ at Charlotte Schools


*…unless you’re Transgender, that is.

Shakespeare once asked, what’s in a name? Well today’s unedited response might be, a whole helluva lot if it determines your sex! However, staff at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools have been told to no longer refer to students as “boys” or “girls.” Instead they must be addressed as “students” or “scholars.”

Well, I guess I get how this can now be so problematic. But I am sure these staffers are gonna need some time to acclimate to the new rule so I hope they won’t be tapped too badly if they slip up.

The new instruct, targeted to school principals and counselors, is actually to offer more support for transgender students, who, by the way, are to be addressed by their new, chosen gender.

Focus is also to be more directly placed on supporting these students; who may become the target of bullying due to their chosen role. And to this end, the staff has been provided training via a presentation entitled “Supporting Transgender Students.”

LifeSite refers to an opinion piece article by the Independent Journal Review (IJR) that says under the new guidelines a boy who dresses like a girl may go on all-girl overnight trips, literally sleeping with a girls team while “no one outside of those on a ‘need to know’ basis will know,” and “any school administrator who alerts the other girls without the consent of the student will presumably be disciplined.”

In other words, a student’s privacy usurps even a parent’s need to know; as included in the new list of guidelines is…

“A student’s transgender status is confidential.”

Further, “Involvement of parents … is determined in working with the student. … Staff must take care not to ‘out’ a student to others, including the parents.”

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Teachers are now instructed to follow a whole new set of additional guidelines to accommodate transgender students/scholars as well. Now they must “work with students” to help them determine their sexual orientation.

Seems like this should be more of a therapist’s role, don’t you think?

The guidelines state the school district will “evaluate” all gender-based activities, and “maintain only those that have clear and sound pedagogical purpose.”

As old school as I am, I must admit, I (er, make that a lot of us) didn’t see this issue coming. But it’s here! And as a woman of the 21st century, my love for all people has not waned. Not one bit.

But still…

The critics have their opinions, and they foresee floodgates opening. They say that “Protecting the safety and privacy of one group of people at the expense of another group’s safety and privacy is just trading one set of problems for a new set.”

And, in the name of “inclusion,” they say, all school sports will become co-ed.  And other gender-specific lines will be crossed. For instance, a transgender boy can be prom queen.

“This is what happens when words are redefined or — worse — lose all meaning whatsoever,” the IJR piece states. “You can be a girl if you claim to be. You can be a boy if you claim to be.”


Well, not so fast. Maybe a ” …”

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