Good Samaritan Allegedly Killed By Two Men He Helped (Video)

Deon Antonio and Michael Dupree-Tyler
Deon Antonio and Michael Dupree-Tyler

*Who’da ever thunk it? Here you are being a good samaritan, and though you don’t expect any awards or rewards, you also don’t expect to be killed as a result of your good deed. Yet, Chadwick Garrett is dead today. And North Charleston police spokesperson Spencer Pryor alleges his killers are Deon Antonio, 17, and Michael Odell Anthony Dupree-Tyler, 19. He had helped the two fellas haul their Dodge Durango out of a ditch.

They had the audacity to rob him first.

Garrett, who died around 11:35 p.m. at the scene near Durant Avenue and North Jimtown Drive, was identified by a Charleston County Coroner’s Officer.

The two men have since been arrested in Charleston, NC.

Rest assured, “Karma” is real and it will be served in due time.

And we wonder why people hesitate to help. The past year has served up too many examples of innocent people who, with outstretched arms, met their untimely death.

Frasier and Dupree-Tyler were apprehended about six miles from the crime scene at their residence, the Ashley River Apartments. And its no surprise this is not their first go ’round with crime.

Charleston County jail officials say Dupree-Tyler has been booked eight times before for charges that include possession of marijuana and crack cocaine, trespassing and second-degree burglary.

And Frasier, who is now charged with possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, has a case pending for possession of a stolen vehicle, and was actually out on $10,000 bond at the time of this incident.

On Tuesday, both suspects are to appear in court, according to The Post and Courier.

The disgust these two young Black men place on our race is immeasurable. Dumb sh*t like this is what is remembered and recalled by those justifying their actions towards us. Being young and disenfranchised is no excuse for this! This was a choice they made, with both eyes open.

And whatever you do, do not get it twisted! Their actions harm us all; because it makes us think twice when we see someone in trouble. And that should not be the case.

If this becomes your dilemma, when you see someone in distress but are afraid to approach, at least call 911 before you leave.

RIP, Mr. Chadwick.

Chadwick Garrett

Watch the News 2 video report directly below.


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