School Girl’s ‘New Friend’ Turns Out to Be Sister Kidnapped Two Decades Ago (Watch)

Left: Celeste Nurse with baby Zephany in April 1997, and (right) exiting courthouse following the hearing of kidnapper.

*My god. No telling who your child may bring home from school. But consider yourself among the fortunate if her ‘new friend’ turns out to be her biological sister that was kidnapped nearly two decades earlier! 

It happened in Cape Town, South Africa. After 17 years of celebrating the birthday of a daughter who was snatched from them only three days after her birth at a Cape Town hospital, Morne and Celeste Nurse got a phone call that assured them they were  parents again!

It all started when their second daughter came home and told her father that she had met a girl at school who “looked just like her.” The father immediately rushed to meet the girl, and even managed to snap a few photos which he promptly took to the police.

After a DNA test, the results confirmed that the girl was really their biological daughter, Zephany.

According to CBS News, Judge John Hlophe said the crimes that the kidnapper committed were serious, but that he had taken into account her previously clean record and other mitigating circumstances in deciding the sentence, according to News24, a South African news outlet.

Zephany's biological father, Morné Nurse, leaves courthouse.
Zephany’s biological father, Morné Nurse, leaves courthouse with his wife.

Though the girl’s name when used publicly was the one given to her by her biological parents, the judge ordered that her adopted name and the name of her kidnapper not be used by the media in an attempt to protect her privacy.

The girl was kidnapped in April 1997, while her mother slept and was raised as the daughter of another woman who changed the birthdate of the child and registered her as her own, defrauding authorities in the process. As it turned out, the kidnapper lived only a few miles away from the Nurse family.

But in the video you will see that Zephany’s biological mother has nothing but love for the “parents” — who had a court hearing on Monday — which both families attended; and says she just wants to give the people who raised her daughter a hug for a job well done.


Wow! Talk about gratitude. This mother was able to put her feelings of love for a daughter reunited with her, in tact, if you will, above anger towards those who kidnapped her.

Now THAT’S a lesson we can all take heed to.

You’ve got to see this amazing video for yourself.

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