And They Call Her…Wait for It…’Poopy Girl!’ (A Dog Story)

Excuse me, I am NOT Poopie-girl! Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!

***Mama/Daddy read me a story series***

*What to do? What to do? This is what Pebbles’ family wondered after finding yet another pile of her offerings . in a place it should not have been. For the past few weeks, on any given day, Pebbles’ human mom would come down the steps of their living room and see the brown pile sitting in the corner.

Sometimes with pee right next to it.


It was hard to miss. And if you didn’t see it, you would definitely SMELL it!

And boy did it stink! PeeeeeU!

So now, her mom had taken to calling her ‘Poopy-girl!’

A name she detests, by the way.

Yet and still, Pebbles’ family wondered why, all of a sudden, she had decided to go poop in the house. At seven-years-old she was well-trained and always, I mean always, let out in the family’s big back yard to do her business.

Her gramma came to the conclusion that Pebbles must be “acting out” because of changes in her environment.

But what change would affect this gorgeous Pit-bull-Rhodesian-Ridgeback mix so much that she would try to get attention…even if it was for doing something bad.

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Poopy girl, er, I mean Pebbles, has always had a bad case of anxiety. Unlike her little brother, who is actually bigger than her, she can’t simply be out of her “room” and relax. Where her little brother can move easily from his room, to any other area throughout the house (with his favorite place being the couch), Pebbles must always be moving; so she follows her human(s) everywhere, or “asks” to go outside by running to the door…sometimes even five minutes after she just came back in!!!

But she has always had anxiety, so Pebbles’ gramma did a little research on the Internet and learned more about how environmental changes might affect a dog like her. One thing she learned is that Pebbles may be suffering from separation anxiety. That was a strong possibility. After all, Pebbles’ humans had now become so busy they could not spend as much time as they used to with her.

Also, her human brother had gone on vacation, so he wasn’t around to pick up the slack. And because Pebbles could no longer be trusted to stay loose when her brother was also out of his room, because she loved to pick fights with him, the two could no longer play together.

According to WedMD, there are many reasons Pebbles or any dog may start pooping in the house. And some of those reasons can also be serious medical issues.

Pebbles’ human family will take her to the vet to make sure that their loved one is OK, and they will also try much harder to spend more time with her, in addition to making sure she keeps going outside often, they will take turns taking her for walks, rides in the car, and even short trips to get the mail.

…and soon, she will no longer have to hear the name, Poopie-girl.

Pebbles says the next time you hear from her, her family will be calling her SUPER GIRL!

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